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Open Call
New Closing Date June 30th 5pm

A Greedy Ear is looking for playwrights to provide an expression of interest and a brief modus operandi or outline of an approach toward writing for the medium of New Audio Theatre, for an inaugural event in London in the Spring of 2021.

When writing for this medium the location of the play should speak just as well as any other character. This is not a medium that communicates only with human dialogue. The un-physical theatre favours the supernatural, surreal and expressionistic forms. Naturalistic dramas will need to feature a very strong sense of the space or the environment as being an agent of influence, a character in itself. The location of the audience, its role within the space, within the piece, must also be addressed by the writer, even if it is simply to say that the audience are a table around which the other characters in the play are sitting.

What we need from you is 250 words which outline your approach to writing an Audio Theatre play with no more than six human characters and including a specific role for the location of the play and a specific role for the audience who will experience it. From this Open Call we will select 10 playwrights with whom to enter into a conversation regarding their ideas and the medium itself. Further to this we will ask each of the 10 to write an extended treatment for their piece. From the 10 we will then choose 5 playwrights to each write a 20 minute script which we will then produce for the inaugural event. The 5 chosen will be paid for their script according to The Writers' Guild of Great Britain guidelines.

Please email us with 'Submission' in the subject line and your proposal in the body of the email. In addition, please include a short, relevant biography of no more than 100 words.